Teaching & Education

My teaching mainly includes four areas: gender, diversity, queer & transgender studies; sexual ethics and education; science studies and epistemology; qualitative methods of the social sciences.

Since 2011 I teach a self-developed unit on (ethical) issues of sexuality in the field of social work at the Cooperative State University Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart to address a gap in the curriculum of social work in general. Since 2015 in my function as an acting professor I also teach diversity in social work, for instance disability, gender and critical race studies.

I have taught introductory and advanced classes in gender, queer and transgender studies mainly in sociology (University of Hamburg) and the political sciences (University of Göttingen). Students were mainly majoring in sociology, political sciences, educational sciences and some were minors of gender studies.

In sociology and gender studies, I also co-taught an extended empirical research class with Marianne Pieper at the university of Hamburg, in which methods of qualitative social research were subject.

I taught introductory, advanced and research classes in the field of science studies and epistemology in educational sciences and sociology. Students were extremely heterogeneous from gender studies and sociology students to the natural sciences and mathematics.

These are classes I have taught in English:

2010 „Introduction to Queer Studies“, Universität Hamburg
2010 Advanced Module „Queering the Queer“, Universität Hamburg

Other classes which I have so far only taught in German, include a module on sexuality and social work, as well as classes on queer theory, queer politics, transgender studies, new developments in gender studies, (non-heteronormative) relationships and intimacy, reading Donna Haraway, feminist epistemologies of the natural sciences, gender and science studies, ethics of natural sciences, qualitative methods of research in the social sciences.